Sunday, January 5, 2014

No Surgery!

NO surgery, thank God! Presently wearing a lace up cast, walking WITHOUT crutches and trying not to fall down in all this bad weather. Had TWO colds since the last post, trying to get rid of the remnants of the cough from the second go round and NOT catch the flu!
Spent the holidays with my mother and father who moved here to Tennessee from Wyoming just in time for Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that they chose to move back here because my mom is still valiantly fighting the good fight. I hope that things go better now that the move and the holidays have settled down. Time to dig in and be warm for a couple months!
Spent this weekend with Daniel and his sweet wife, Katarina as well as Nick. Missed having Dayton, but I will see him this week I hope.
Thinking about Valentine's Day and decorating and making these


and maybe these...

Found here with FREE printables...and Valentine boxes and hearts and favorite, red hots!
Hopefully I can get OUT and AROUND with my camera soon and begin capturing some beautiful images once again.
Snuggling in for the cold snap...hope you all stay safe and sound!

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