Thursday, December 3, 2015

10 Gifts for Your Tween Girl

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So. Shopping for a tween girl. Still a little bit princess, a little diva, a little confused, a little independent, a little momma’s little girl…WHAT in the world are you going to get her? Take a look at these awesome gifts.
  1. Just Dance.There are so many versions! The most updated:
These with a pink pop and a full boot for ankle safety. Tweens love skating and the lights, music and concession stand along with video games and friends and….BoYs
Tweens are loving producing YouTube videos, so what better gift than equipment! Helps with writing(scripts), creativity(props), and more. Your tween could become a YouTube sensation!
Shopkins, adorable little grocery items with sweet smiling faces satisfy that drive in girls to collect tiny things!
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5.  A themed gift basket
This One by the folks at uses Coca-Cola as the theme, but any color will work. Pampering, comfort, snacks, everything a girl wants after the big celebration!
This one from Thirty-One Gifts can be personalized in many different ways and is available in several prints! Plus a purchase of the Red Wave print gives a donation to the Ronald McDonald House!
How much fun were those instant cameras? Let your girl enjoy the goofiness!
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8. Hair Styling Tools
Flat Irons
Hair Chalk
9. Tieks
Adorable, easy, FLAT, grown-up shoes.
Girls, tweens, teens…they all love to sing and be pop stars.
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