Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pixie-Girl's Faerie Garden 2011

I have been looking for things for Pixie-Girl and I to do together...and thanks to and her beautiful blog, The Magic Onions( ), we have been working on a Faierie Garden!

So, after a trip to the craft store to pick up some supplies, we had a house, bowls, rolling pins, fruit, and a picket fence for our garden. Next we flew by the building supply store to pick out a few plants and then back home to get to work! On day 1 we set up the garden itself in a huge concrete planter on the front porch!

Next we headed inside to paint the house...I resisted the temptation to tell Pixie-Girl how to do it! She designed a house fit for ANY faerie!

She was thoroughly enjoying herself, painting all the little tidbits!

And the finished product!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Garden Pictures

My garden went in late, but I am seeing lovely happenings now...a gourd here...a cucumber hiding there...


A lovely little cucumber blossom guarding a baby cucumber...

Sweet little tomato blossoms watching over ripening Sweet 100 babies...

After I finish weeding and cleaning up a bit...I will share more lovely photos of my veggies!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What a week!

I am seriously going to get a horse. I am so sick of stupid cars! My car has been grounded...the tires are bad, which I have been telling Rich for 2 months...apparently he hasn't looked at them until Wednesday night..."You are not to drive this car until I get tires for it on Monday. You can drive my van."
Ok, fine with me...but...where the heck is your van?
"It's in the shop getting a water pump. They are bringing it back tomorrow afternoon."
How am I supposed to get to the Farmer's Market?
"I guess you will have to wait until next week."
Really? BUMMER!!!

Well I am stocked with new candles and ready and I am heading to the supply store on Monday for more scents and I am going to the Johnson City Farmer's Market on Wednesday morning! Can't wait to be back.

I love sisters, but sometimes mine get me so mad I can weed my entire garden...well if it wouldn't have gotten dark...and I have 12 cucumbers in the kitchen.
Admittedly, I got a late start due to a wonderful summer cold gift wrapped for me by Big Bro. But we are well on our way now...pix tomorrow...its dark now!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America, 2011!

Fireworks at East Riverpark Christian Church! Great cookout, fun and games for the community!

Pixie Girl playing Beachy Ball with Dad!

Since I have not been pouring anything since December, I want to begin the new year with a bang! In July we will offer the Scent of the Month, Hot Baked Apple Pie, an old, All-American favorite on special! Get 1~8oz jar, 1~16 oz jar and a clamshell of melts all for $15.00!
Post on the guestbook for a chance to win a free 16 oz jar of Hot Baked Apple Pie, 1 entry per person per day!

We will be rolling out our new 100% soy, dye-free line on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at the Blountville, TN Farmer's Market! This week's new scent will be Lavendar Milk...Fresh cut lavender plants offer pleasant herbaceous balsamic woody notes which are then accented and enhanced by creamy milk undertones. We will also have our Blackberry Winter line available as well in assorted scents and a surprise, one day only Market Special!

A July, All-American Package is also available in the Blackberry Winter line...One each of Hot Baked Apple Pie, Blueberry Cobbler, Georgia Peach, Sun-Washed Linen and Grandpa's Garden available in 8 oz. for $25 or 16 oz for $50. This package is for the die-hard candle lover and will change each month! Coming up in August will be the County Fair Package!
Can't wait to see everyone as we begin to visit the Blountville and Johnson City Farmer's Markets!