Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

On this beautiful Memorial Day 2011, I would like to say thank you to my grandfather, Robert "Shorty" Davis. Although he did not give his life in combat, he was ready to sacrifice it. He gave his life to his family, all the way to the end, he was concerned about others. I know that he is in Heaven with my Father God, probably listeing to a bluegrass tune straight from the hills of West Virginia. Thank you, Shorty for your love, your bravery, your dedication. Thank you for teaching your grandchildren and great-grandchildren the meaning of respect. And thanks for the slurpees on hot summer evenings!

I love you and miss you as much today as the day you left us.

Sherie Lee

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Ballerina

Tiny slippers, all ready to twirl...

Peeking at Miss Kim from the wings, filled with wonder....


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Letter to My Mother

On this sunny Mother's Day, 2011, I would like to take the time to tell my mother what I remember about her.

I remember a summer evening, when I was with the bigger kids sliding down a hill on cardboard boxes. I scraped my knee. Mama came running and CARRIED me all the way back to the apartment (Blue Ridge Farms, I think). I clearly remember one crimson drop of blood balancing on knee as she hurried to the door with me in her arms.

I remember a sunny day at the same apartment, and she was sitting outside in her swimsuit (she must have been sunbathing) and we shared a tomato.

I remember her taking care of me one summer at Rainbow Forest when I was sick all summer...I had my tonsils removed that fall...I remember crying at the hospital once when I woke up and she wasn't sitting by my side, she was probably on the other side of the bed, I can't remember.

I remember going to the lake with her and my cousins and my aunt. I remember how much fun we had with them.

I remember her sewing me dresses for Easter.

I remember the rainbow in the back yard at Rainbow Forest that went across the entire sky.

I remember taking walks around the neighborhood with friends.

I remember her taking care of me when I had chicken pox and strep, helping me through swallowing pills (which I couldn't do).

I remember when she got sick and fell down in the floor in the hallway outside my room. I was sooo scared. We spent the entire day in the hospital lobby and cafeteria while daddy was waiting for her to get out of surgery. I was so happy when she came home.

I remember long hours learning to embroider and sew and cook from her.

I have missed her so over the last 20 years. Holidays haven't been the same and its been hard, but it has REALLY made me appreciate her all the more.