Monday, April 30, 2012


6:30-Get DH ready and off to work.

6:30-7:45- Rebekah and working on her Good Morning List, walk the dogs

Make up your bed and pick up your room
** R: Get dressed, hair fixed, brush teeth
Good Morning Job: R-put away silverware and Feed and water dogs
Personal Bible reading time
Free time until the bus comes!
7:45-9:45- Mom's Morning Routine!

Make beds
Shower and get dressed
Swish and swipe bathrooms
Change out laundry
Unload dishwasher
Eat, drink water, meds
Check to do list and calendar
Hot spots
What's for dinner?

9:45-10:45- Blog Work(winter)/Garden (spring-fall)

10:45-12:00-Zone for the week/Focus of the day

Zone 1-Entrance(inside & out), Porches and Dining Room
Zone 2-Kitchen
Zone 3-Main Bath + one extra room (laundry room, office, kid's room)
Zone 4-Master bedroom and bath
Zone 5-Living Room/Family Room/Den

Monday Focus: House Quick Over
Tuesday Focus: Planning/Office Day
Wednesday Focus: Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping preparationThursday Focus: Errand Day
Friday Focus: Clean car, purse and DATE NIGHT
Saturday Focus: Family Day
Sunday Focus:Soul Day

12-12:30- Lunch, drink water


2:00-3:45- Blog work(spring-fall)/ Garden(winter)

3:45-5- Mom's Afternoon routine-Kids homework and Afternoon List

Afternoon Routine
Check book bags
Fill sink with hot, soapy water
Start dinner
Set table
Declutter for 15 minutes

Afternoon List:
Walk Dogs
Take out trash

Fold washcloths, dishtowels and dishrags
Get everything ready for tomorrow morning: backpack, pick out clothes, shoes, coat

5-6- Family Dinner/Bible Time

6-8- Daddy time/Family reading/Games/Free Time

8-8:30- Bath and to bed

8:30-11- Free Time-time with hubby

11:30 Bedtime

This schedule gets revised frequently! I will be revising it again once school is out as well! I love this daily schedule form from www.get buttoned

There is room for my timed schedule, a to do list and phone call list, I love it and you can download it for free!

Y'all Come Back!

Friday, April 27, 2012


A few days ago, when I was in the midst of a down moment, the florist called to say that she had some flowers for me. She couldn't quite find the house so I directed her. I was quite surprised because I knew of NO reason to be receiving flowers. Not a holiday, my birthday, or anything else. No, they weren't from my hubby, who was the only person I could imagine sending me flowers for no reason.

My fantastic "newish" friend S sent these because she was thinking about me. Wow...just wow. I am so grateful that S took the time from her busy day to think of me. But that's not all! Another "newish" friend, M, called to invite me to lunch yesterday. We had a fantastic time getting to know each other better and finding out that even though we are different, we have a lot of the same difficulties within our families. M lifted me from the midst of a depressing, gray day and gave me the energy to make it through the rest of that grayness.

Thank you Lord, for blessing me with such wonderful, kind and supportive friends, just when I needed them the most!

Let a friend know you are thinking about them today, pray for a friend, and invite someone to church this week!

Y'all Come Back!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blackberry Winter

According to Wikipedia, "In South & Midland North America, Blackberry Winter is referred to as a period of cold weather as low as -6 °C (20 °F) in late spring when the blackberries are in bloom. This is generally in the month of May and is known to last approximately up to 14 days.

Prior to technological advances in meteorology, farmers would use such terms to know when to plant certain crops. Blackberries must have a cold snap to set buds on the blackberry canes. It comes with a somewhat less severe return of a continental polar air mass after the maritime tropical air masses have begun to dominate the weather. So, there will be a cold snap when the blackberries bloom, called Blackberry Winter and it is traditionally the opposite of Indian Summer in terms of seasonal shifts."

And "In Tennessee dogwood winter and blackberry winter are two separate occasions. Dogwood being first and blackberry a couple of weeks later."

This is usually one of the last cold snaps to hit us and we always wait until May 5th to plant flowers. Today we have had the first day of Blackberry WInter 2012! It began at 36 degrees this morning and spitting snow! The blackberries are definitely blooming, and Dogwood Winter was about 2 weeks we're right on time!

Tonight we should see some temps in the low to mid 30's with a wind advisory, and tomorrow's high only around 58, a departure from the daytime highs we have been experiencing here in the last few weeks!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Then Came the Morning!

Just sit and listen. YOU will be blessed. Join us at Centerpointe Fellowship on Resurrection Day for more worship of our Risen King!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Slapped Me In the Face

It's amazing to see how your life can be turned upside down in one short instant of time. How you can see, on the other side what you did or didn't do that caused the calamity. Every decision that you make, no matter how small, has the potential to begin an avalanche that no one can stop. Although I cannot divulge the details, suffice it to say that it was one of the worst things you could possibly imagine short of cancer or death. It's incredible to me the range of emotions that I have experienced in just 3 short days. I suppose I should bury myself in the Word and pray, but I am finding it difficult to turn my face in that direction. I am experiencing a huge burden of guilt and I cannot seem to shake the gloominess that has descended on me. For now I am just trying to take it one moment at a time.