Sunday, November 12, 2017

Chili on a Fall Day

Now that the temperature has FINALLY dropped, its a perfect day for chili. Long ago my former mother-in-law gave me this recipe and it has served me well throughout the years. The men in my life love it and you can't go wrong with chili on a cold day! I usually do a pan of fried cabbage and cornbread muffins with it and or serve it over rice. We often use the left-overs for taco salad or tacos. So two hearty meals for the price of one! Garnish with grated cheese, chopped green onions, sour cream, etc.

Easy Everyday Chili

1-2 LB ground meat (hamburger, turkey, venison)
1 med. onion, chopped
3-15 oz cans dark red kidney beans, drained
3-15.5 oz cans chili beans
1-28 oz can whole stewed tomatoes, undrained, cut up into pieces
2 Tbsp chili powder
1 tsp. salt

Brown and drain ground meat and onion in skillet. Mix beans, tomatoes, chili powder and salt in a Dutch oven or soup pot over medium heat. Add meat. Bring to a boil, immediately reduce heat to M/L and simmer for 30 minutes. All done! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

My Grandpa

My sister posted this last week. I never knew it existed. I would have never known my grandfather to be so poignant. To me he was Shorty. My grandpa, who hugged me every time he left "big enough to last until I get back." There are no hugs big enough now, Shorty, but I'm saving a big one for when we meet again.  

Tracy wrote:
"I was going through some old papers tonight and came across a copy of a letter my grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother on this date in 1944 while serving in the US Navy during WWII.  I thought I would share his words some 73 years later.  Very thought provoking and I think his final words in the last sentence still ring true today as they did so very long ago.  Bear with me as this is long, but I feel led to share it tonight.
***Warning: these are his exact words transcribed from his letter to his mother....the wording, language, and syntax are his and his alone, and were common at the time. While bridges have been mended between the US and Japan now, at the time they were fighting each other and these were his emotions***"

Nov. 5, 1944
Dearest Mom,

     Some few days ago off the island of Leyte, (Phillipines) we were attacked by a portion of the Jap fleet.  From the deck I could see the flashes of their guns. All around us i could see where the shells were hitting.  It was morning.  We manned our planes and took off. Yes, I was scared. I don't believe any of us were sure of coming back. Our own small group was zigzagging about and firing back at the Jap ships. After we were airborne we could see the Japs had us outnumbered, But we still had the upper hand. We had our aircraft. After a raging sea & air battle. They were beginning to look more of our size. The shellfire of the enemy was very intense but their aim was very bad. They didn't get a hit on us.

     When we went in on our attack, Lt. Turner (my pilot) was talking to us. Cool as an iceberg. Me, I was scared as hell. W caught them flatfooted. We got what we went after. The anti aircraft fire that came up behind us was beautiful all different colors. It was strange that I should think of that then. The AA fire was very far off but intense.  and believe me Mom, it wasn't half as bad as I had imagined. Shortly afterward the little yellow bastards turned tail and ran.  we cam back to our ship safe & sound. Through out the day our squadron & other planes and surface units pressed home the attack. You can bet your boots they regret the day they ever saw our outfit.

     After we came back we under went an air attack. In this the Japs took a bathing. There were some near misses causing no damage. In face one was shot down so near the ship pieces of Jap meat were found on the deck.  Even he couldn't damage us. It looked like we were charmed or something. The almighty God was watching over us that day I know.

     The coolness and brilliant leadership of our officers, the quick cool deliberate action of our gunners, even too the lowest seaman was a thing of wonder.

     A well trained football team never clicked so well.  all hands were extremely relieved when at last after standing by their stations most of the day we could at last relax and know it was a job "well done" our nerves were ragged but everyone was laughing and talking what the other guy allegedly done in his skivvies.  It was more like a nightmare. When you see or hear the words Pacific fleet. Take off your hat to the greatest fighting force on earth.  Those few hectic hours (or days, it seemed to have been months), have done so much to wipe out Jap sea power.  Which means a weakening land power, and bring us all home eventually.

     Well mom, I must close now it is late and everyone is yelling to get the lights out.  If you could have seen this you would think as I think, that the Age of Miracles is not yet passed.
Love and Kisses,

Robert Tully Davis aom 3/c

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Up the Holler

I know, I haven't been a good blogger. Not for one day. I have no excuse except that I quit. I quit life. Seriously, I took, like a year OFF. I am, however, back to life, thanks to my baby sister and my husband. You can read about that story over here.

So much has happened! I am the proud GiGi to 12, yes, 12 grands and we even have a brand new great-granddaughter who is totally adorable! All the kids are doing well but my sweet little Pixie-Girl has turned into a beautiful, emotional TWEEN! Well, she's almost through the tween years and on to being a teenager. I has certainly been a struggle, but we've settled into a routine (somewhat).

Still...never a dull moment...some highlights:

Pine Cones at Papaw Bob's


Dad fixing the kite

St. Augustine

Poppaw and Sofia, Rebekah is directing


Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Mango in her post-rescue pool

We've been here, there and everywhere. Most important, we have a new home and we love living up the holler in the mountains. The sense of community that is almost non-existent in other places we've lived is wide open here. Neighbors watch out for each other and each other's kids. People are friendly. Animals are welcome. The creek lulls us to sleep and relaxes us as we enjoy our porch in the evenings. I can't say enough about it!

Going forward I'm going to attempt to post as much as possible about the day to day of home, family, fun and adventures, gardening, pets...pretty much day to day, LOL! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Red Hearts-10 Red Heart Crafts

Pinterest is filled with Valentine's Day crafts, valentines, recipes and decor. I decided to focus on RED so I've compiled 10 awesome red heart crafts. We will be trying a couple in the next few days.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year New Goals

I always make goals in the new year. Don't we all? This year, I would like to attain a few of them. Here is my list:

1. Better health-Eat better, STOP drinking soda, walk more, keep up with my medical visits better, drink lots more water.
2. Focus on my family-Communicate better, be more proactive about visiting and enjoying those visits, gather more, photograph everything.
3. Enjoy the days-Watch the birds, play with the dogs, plant the flowers and watch them grow, sew, read, and create.
4. Connect and reconnect with friends-Call, write, visit, and enjoy!

If you have set some goals, share them. I always love hearing from you.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

10 Gifts for Your Tween Girl

images (1)
So. Shopping for a tween girl. Still a little bit princess, a little diva, a little confused, a little independent, a little momma’s little girl…WHAT in the world are you going to get her? Take a look at these awesome gifts.
  1. Just Dance.There are so many versions! The most updated:
These with a pink pop and a full boot for ankle safety. Tweens love skating and the lights, music and concession stand along with video games and friends and….BoYs
Tweens are loving producing YouTube videos, so what better gift than equipment! Helps with writing(scripts), creativity(props), and more. Your tween could become a YouTube sensation!
Shopkins, adorable little grocery items with sweet smiling faces satisfy that drive in girls to collect tiny things!
download download (1) images
5.  A themed gift basket
This One by the folks at uses Coca-Cola as the theme, but any color will work. Pampering, comfort, snacks, everything a girl wants after the big celebration!
This one from Thirty-One Gifts can be personalized in many different ways and is available in several prints! Plus a purchase of the Red Wave print gives a donation to the Ronald McDonald House!
How much fun were those instant cameras? Let your girl enjoy the goofiness!
mini8-2 (1)
8. Hair Styling Tools
Flat Irons
Hair Chalk
9. Tieks
Adorable, easy, FLAT, grown-up shoes.
Girls, tweens, teens…they all love to sing and be pop stars.
kids-karaoke-machines $(KGrHqZ,!hQFBp-42toIBQjo3iBPKQ--60_35

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Be Reverent

Paul writes in Titus 2:3 
Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.
Today we begin by  looking at ways we, as older women can follow these instructions:

  • Be reverent in the way we live
  • Don't be slanderers
  • Don't be addicted to too much wine
  • Teach what is good
That's a big list! 

How can we go about this? We can start at the beginning, being reverent in the way we live. Age is not a precursor to living reverently. God wants all of us to live reverently, showing His love in our deeds, words and actions. Rachelle Fleming writes
In the normal course of life, this would be a reference to a godly woman who has done the work of raising her own family and honoring her husband. In God’s design, the task of discipling young women belongs to older women who have built God’s principles for living into their lives – women who are intentional about developing Truth-based thinking.
in her article Titus 2 Women-Living Reverently.

As we have done the work of child-rearing, we have learned many many things. These life-lessons can be invaluable to the young mother at the end of her rope. You, yes you may be the one who can teach her that a closed mouth and a calm but strong demeanor can often stop the tantrum of a 2 year old. Would it be so bad to hug up your wailing child, speak soothingly to her and show her that no matter the problem, you are there for her. Once calmness has been regained is the time to resolve the issue, if that is time-out, discussing options, or dealing out consequences.

This is alien to our automatic response to mirror the behavior of the child. What is the bank president mirrored that behavior,

or the doctor who just told you you need to cut back on the calories?  I'd think she was crazy, how about you?

For today, try to think of a young woman who is overwhelmed or who you think might be overwhelmed. Again, pick up your phone and call her. Tell her you just wanted to check on her, see how her day is going and how her family is. By offering your friendship in this way, you start the conversation leading to reverence.

Tell her that her children are sweet and you know she loves them. Remind her of the special memories of these days that she will treasure in her heart later, draw from those memories that you treasure in your heart. The sweet smell of an infant's cap of curls, the excitement of a youngster's first bike ride, or the pride that swelled her heart and brought tears to her eyes when that sweet girl graduated from Kindergarten.

Before you hang up, let her know that you are praying for her. Set a time to meet her for coffee or accompany her to the park with her littles. Help her keep an eye on them and just have an adult conversation. Sometimes that's all she needs.

Younger women, what are you to do? Are you frazzled, feeling lost, swimming in the sea of having a family to take care of, a job, running all over the city for soccer, dance, and yoga? Need an adult conversation? What to do?

Ever think about striking up a conversation with that older lady at church, sitting alone in the pew? 
Say hello, compliment her, ask her to join you for a visit to the park. Who couldn't use a bit of extra help and some adult conversation. Older women whose children are grown are sometimes feeling empty and lonely. They, too, crave companionship. 

Invite her to have coffee or a milkshake. Invite her to yoga or walking. Share with her your frustrations and triumphs with your children and husband. Ask her how she might have handled the situation. Sometimes her insight will be like a lightning strike(forget the light bulb, this is way beyond that!) Pray for her,let her know that you value her insights and friendship.

Oh, and pick up that phone and call or text your husband just to say "I love you" again today! He may not mention it, but he loves it when you do it! I promise.

Prayer thoughts: Pray for reverence, pray for the young mothers at your church and workplace, pray for the older women in your church or workplace, Pray for their children, young and old and continue to pray for your husband.

More soon about Titus!