Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes...It's Fractured

What do you get when you cross a consignment sale with gravity? Yep, that's right, a broken leg! Went to this consignment sale and found a bunch of awesome dresses from here and here. Then, then gravity struck swiftly. My shoe flipped and I fell like a bag of bricks. Now I have this:

Fractured my fibula at the bottom. Doc says it looks like a clean break but I have to revisit him on the 13th for the final verdict about surgery. Until then, I am non-weight bearing which means crutches...pffflllttt. My friends and family have helped tremendously, from cleaning for me to letting me borrow a walker AND crutches, to driving me home from work!

Rebekah has tirelessly been my gopher, bringing me drinks and helping with the laundry and cleaning. Richard has been incredible, almost carrying me into the house the first night, running to and fro for me, cooking and caring for Rebekah. I couldn't ask for a better husband. Nick has taken me to the DR and run to the grocery store for me, he didn't even get mad when I gave him the stomach virus we all had last weekend (sorry, truly sorry, Nick).

Yes, we ALL had the virus last weekend...try sitting with your head in the porcelain throne with a cast on your leg, not easy! Then Richard got it and Bekah and I had to make it on our own on Monday night, but we all lived through it and this weekend has been so much better!

We have lots of news! We have purchased a new home and WERE working hard on getting it ready for winter, which came to a screeching halt. The next project is the bedroom/living room trade.

The house was built in the 40's and the actual living room is tiny. There is an addition on one side of the house that runs the entire length of the house. We are going to put the living room in the long room and move our bedroom to the living room (pending a new master suite addition in the next 2 years).

First things first, a haven, a restful haven removed from the bustle of the rest of the day.

I'm going with this bedding, the muted aqua is soothing. The wall color will be gray, the fireplace, white and an accent of aqua on the fireplace wall. I am so excited to get started! Next weekend we are moving furniture and having a yard barn/storage building delivered. Before and after pictures coming up and the play by play on the painting and moving.

One more sweet memory for this weekend:

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! 

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  1. Hello... I'm looking for where I can purchase that beautiful muted aqua bed spread I somehow got linked to you. Thanks! Diana