Friday, February 1, 2013


It's the weekend again and WE have big plans! Getting ready for Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, a skating birthday party, a basketball game, worship, and the SuperBowl!

On Friday, with no school for snow and very cold temps (BRRR), We are starting with the Valentine's Day Countdown from Lacy over here at Catholic Icing! A simple, fun and PRINTABLE activity centered around God's love for us!

Next we are borrowing her "heart attack" idea from Linda from 71Toes over there because having a "heart attack"...looks like so much fun, and is a way to have our family members think about each other in a good way!

 We invited the big bros...

and sissies:

to participate and their hearts will be posted around the "home place" for the rest of us to enjoy!

On Saturday, we will get an early start at a 9:00 AM basketball game for which we need to arrive at 8:45 AM. Then a meeting with my super friend D to get my MK business rolling again! Next we will head to the library for a couple of Groundhog Day Books. After making our way home, we will wrap the birthday gifts for our friends,

 talk about Groundhog Day and make a cute groundhog out of triangles, which we are borrowing from Almost Unschoolers, here.

Afterwards, we are will head over to the skating rink for some birthday fun with two of our favorite cuties. L and C! Pixie has a new outfit to wear, Thanks Grandma Pat, just because she made the Honor Roll!

Saturday will wind up with  Groundhog Day Story Time, jammies, cuddles, a song, and lots of ZZZZZZZZZ's!

Sunday begins with worship, then lunch, REST DAY, and prep for the SuperBowl!

Pixie and I will be watching alone because DADDY-O has to work. I can see popcorn,

and other fun snacks in our future! I'm thinking football shaped brownies,

Chips and salsa, and voting on the BEST SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS! Then more snuggles and bedtime!

What a weekend! So much fun! And photos on Monday!

Y'all Come Back!


  1. sherie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog design, so pretty! Those football brownies look amazing! I love that little groundhog too.


  2. Sherie,In the next few min. I'm off to mail your altered winter jar to you for our swap.Remember I'm your partner?Did you ever come by My place to get to know Me?I wasn't sure.If not,please drop by for a visit.Boy,you had a busy but fun weekend.I'm happy you seem to have a wonderful family life.Hope you enjoy peeking into your winter jar I altered for you.It is a peep jar,or what ever that word is I can;t think of,not peep show TEEHEE,not peep jar...... oh well you'll see in a few days.The swap leader said We need to send eachother confirmation #s,I'll ask the post office what that is :/ TEEHEE I'm not positive. Denise