Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun

I had big plans for this week. I wanted to try some homeschooling activities with Pixie-Girl. Her body, on the other hand, had a different way to spend the vacation! Last night we spent in the ER. Fever, nausea, vomiting, fun. She has a UTI. Antibiotics are on board and I hope she is feeling better tomorrow, but so far, she is still sleeping it off.

Big are some of the activities I was and still am planning to try.

Tomorrow we will be making turkeys. Bean turkeys and leaf turkeys. I think these are some quiet activities Pixie-Girl can possibly handle sometime tomorrow, even if I have to gather the leaves myself. We will also be making hand-print turkeys, probably as a piece of art for the mantle to be used year after year!

A beautiful table centerpiece designed by the littles...Pixie-Girl and grandson Super-duper Boy! You can see the gorgeous idea here . I am so excited to take a gathering walk with the two littles, possibly I will have to take two walks but that's ok, too. Our oldest daughter is hosting Thanksgiving, and I am giving this as a gift to her. I want to share some beauty into her life. She works very hard and takes little time for herself, but she trulu deserves some beauty in her life!

Another activity I have planned is a Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt. This is an awesome opportunity to walk off the turkey, or send the kids out with grandpa to get them out from underfoot. there is a lovely Scavenger Hunt List to print here or you can make your own.

As we complete the projects, I'll post pix you have activities in mind for your Thanksgiving week?

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