Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back From the Dead

I"M Baaaaaa-aaaaaaack! I had hoped to make this the summer of the blog, but fate handed us a nasty turn of events. Things are rolling along, momma has started the chemo after having a hysterectomy and is doing well thus far. She went back to work yesterday!

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Denton have returned from their honeymoon and seem to be enjoying married life. Bekah is growing like a weed and started 2nd grade, got the teacher she wanted and is rolling along. Nick has an awesome girlfriend and is playing softball this fall. Grandma is holding her own, much sweeter now since she has people around to keep up with her daily activities for her, such as taking her meds, getting dressed and bathing.

So I am going to attempt to return to building up things here and here. Stay tuned for many projects this fall and the yard haunting begins in earnest next month!

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    This is the link to my blogger profile. When we get together you will have to show me how to make mine pretty like yours. Love ya.