Friday, January 13, 2012

Ugghh! Snow Day! was the laziest snow day we have EVER had. Although Rebekah popped out of bed at like 7:27am and hasn't stopped since, and DJ got up right after her...they have played well together all day, made up lots of crazy games, watched a couple movies, let mom sneak in a nap and generally been pleasant all day, I am just up to my eyeballs in boredom. I have done laundry, worked on my Girl Scout website, hunted down some school projects that relate to the project I want to do in my Business Law class and organized my coupon binder, I just feel like a slug. I didn't even take any pictures of the bit of snow we did get. Maybe tomorrow morning I will get up early and take Old Annie for a photo walk...IDK, it's supposed to be like 12 degrees tonight!

Maybe I just need to call it a day, turn in early and begin anew tomorrow which holds the promise of a better day! Bek and I are headed here to a Glamour Makeover and Tea Party at the Avon Beauty Center. I think it will at least make me get up, showered, dressed, made up and out the door early! Maybe we will stop off to visit Grandma on the way! I'm excited about the day and I hope it works out!

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