Friday, November 18, 2011

Home Management-Binder Tutorial

I am NOT the most organized person. As a matter of fact, I am within a day of being totally DISorganized. I have been beginning to use some organizing tips and tools from various websites and blogs. One I have found extremely helpful is a HOME MANAGEMENT BINDER! I have complied several different suggestions to put mine together. I use it daily(almost) and it is always changing. After Christmas I plan to "scrap" the dividers and cover to make it really POP!

The first thing to do is to gather your supplies. My advice here, since many of us unorganized home managers tend to get distracted, is to gather your supplies.
  • Binder-its better to begin with a 2" binder, but if you can't purchase one, use what you have. You can upgrade later!
  • Paper-for the printer, or if you have to write it, I suggest notebook paper, it's neater.
  • Ink or a pen in a pretty color
  • Dividers-use purchased divider tabs, or recycle folders cut in half, or page protectors(my choice, because I had a bunch
  • A zipper pouch to go in the front of your binder with your pens inside. 
The next step is to decide which dividers you want in your binder. A few suggestions:

  • In Case of Emergency: Here you will have the following sheets:
  1. YOU ARE HERE! This is in case your husband, your babysitter, your sister or someone who may not have the presence of mind to know your address. On this sheet goes your address, phone number and directions to your home from the nearest highway.
  2. EMERGENCY NUMBERS: 911, or the police, fire, and ambulance numbers. Phone numbers for all doctors for anyone living in the home, the poison control center, the veterinarian, your landlord's address and phone number, the numbers for utilities such as natural gas, electric, and water.
  3. FAMILY CONTACTS: List each family member's cell number, work number and place of employment and address. Next go to grown children not living at home, next is your parents, next all brothers and sisters. Finally the next door neighbors(if possible).

  •  Planning and Time Management: In this section you need your daily to-do list, 

blank calendar pages(which can be printed or purchase a calendar at the dollar store for $1 and cut the pages apart...). 
This is a very important part of your binder, because it is your scheduler! Use a different color pen for each person's schedule and write EVERYTHING on the calendar. You can punch holes in notes from school, church, invitations and place them in this section for info.
  • Phone: Alphabetize your phone numbers. No more lost pieces of paper, post it notes, scribbled on phone books, or 34 pieces of paper on the fridge!

  • Family:
  1. FAMILY MEMBER PAGES: Make a page for each family member. On these pages, put contact information, school contact info, activities, allergies, medical conditions such as diabetes and siezures.
  • School: All needed school information, contact information, PTA officers, school schedule page
  • Home Management:
  1. Cleaning Schedules
  2. Children's Chore Checklist
  3. Home Inventory
  4. Home Decorating Ideas
  5. Party Planners
  6. Car Maintenance Schedule
  7. Home Maintenance Schedule
  • Menu Planning: Plan menus and grocery lists here!

  • Money and Finance: All bill paying information goes here. I chose to use a seperate notebook for this.
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel and Activities
  • Pets: File all pet vet records here, receipts of purchase, health guarantees, registration papers.
Once you have decided on dividers, put the binder together. Next Step: The fillers!

Y'all come back, now, ya hear!

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