Friday, November 18, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

After snow, rain, cold and wet gloominess yesterday, today began as a gorgeously sunny day, crisp and cold, frosted beauty sparkling in the sun. First up...COFFEE!!! I love this mug, a Christmas gift from my sister, in honor of my son, who is currently in the US Navy! It's big and keeps the coffee warm to the last drop, lol!

My TO DO list hangs at the end of the hallway, so I always see it as I walk up the hallway. It keeps me focused there! Bekah has been adding her own tasks for me...

As well as sweet notes.

She's been practicing so she can be on Danica Patrick's pit crew when she grows up!

Look at those hands fly!

Yesterday was the annual Thanksgiving feast at Bekah's school! A traditional meal with all the trimmings, turkey, stuffing, gravy, whipped potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, whole wheat rolls, and pumpkin pie! If that meal made 1 kid fat, I'll be surprised. I'm not going to comment about how much DIDN"T get eaten. Above is Bek with her daddy...

Bek's teacher and a friend...

Bek and her BFFFFFFFFF ("that means you can't say you're not my friend anymore, MOM)!  
On the schedule today, cleaning and candle making, dog bathing and a tiny bit of Christmas decorating! ! Also a trip to the dollar store to get supplies for these! Aren't they just deliciously sweet! Hubby took the store and is headed to West Virginia to sell at the flea market in Logan. If you happen to see him, say hi! Bekah and I are hangin' out this weekend! Nick will be by to visit, or we will visit him and his doggie...

I have posted my fall decorations here and there, but a review of it altogether before it goes away till next year, because I love the warm glow of it!
The turkey was made by daughter, Beth, in elementary school, the pumpkin is a jack'o lantern turned to the wall (snicker), photos, Bekah, Nick, and Daniel. The lovely lady here and in the next picture, bought in a HUGE box of Fall decorations for 1.00 at the auction!

Another "backwards" jack, a dollar store scarecrow pick, and Miss Thanksgiving! The leaf garlands were in a storage building that was donated to our shop! The daisies, .50 each at the dollar store last winter!The spider plant and wandering jew are mine...

This arrangement was once hanging at my grandfather's grave on a shepherd's hook until they said we couldn't use then any longer...I added the paint chip pumpkins, There is also a small, stuffed turkey sitting in there now, from the aforementioned box lot! The napkin holder was made for me by my grandfather. 

Leaf garland with orange lights, in the dark...

...and with the flash...the Tonka truck you see was found in pristine condition in a dumpster...its a late 60's early 70's car hauler, with both cars included...SCORE!!!!
 Front door...The chair, crates, watering cans stay all the time! We grew the gourds, and purchased the wooden pumpkin at a Fall Festival. The wreath, I made, by recycling an old wreath!

 I have had this pumpkin since 2001. It came from K-Mart. The candlesticks are black glass, which I collect, and the crystal one was a gift from a secret pal! The runner...bought at an auction...the candles and tealight, and garland, again, the box lot!

 Flowers recycled from a basket, pumpkins on clearance the other day at WM for 0.25 each!

Platter & lot! Hull pitcher, bought at an antique store for $5 because it has a small hole in it, but I love it! The pumpkin candy dish, recycled from a candle, 2 more "backwards" jacks, and the 0.50 dollar store garland.
 Box lot!
This wreath was made and decorated by my brother in law, I added the bow, which was recycled from a basket! Because I used what I had, TOTAL SPENT: $3.25! BOO-YA!!! Signing off for more cleaning!

Y'all Come Back, ya hear!

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  1. Your front door is so pretty! Your little Bekah is absolutely adorable!! Angie xo