Friday, October 7, 2011

Surprised by a Blessing!

I am super excited! I have a new shop(opened at the spur of the moment today)! And I already sold $17 worth of goodies! It's really just a "junque" shop, but I will have antiques, collectibles, gifts, candles, crafts, new items and thrifty goodies! Its called Blackberry Barn and you can visit the "in the works" website, which is still under construction. I will be blogging from the shop often, and posting pictures soon! I will still have Sunday thru Wednesday for my homemaking and s*h (super*hubby) will be helping along the way! I am so pumped!!!

We've had quite a downturn in finances and have been struggling with options about what to do. This kind of fell into our laps on Wednesday! I am so thanful the Lord has shown us a new path to take which will allow us to serve Him as well.

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  1. Congrats on the new business venture! I sure know how you feel about the financail crunch-we're feeling it too.