Saturday, September 10, 2011

Appalachian Fair Fun!

I love the fair! I have visited a fair every year since I was 7. Only 2 years were spent away from the regional fair here in Tenessee!!! I have entered almost every baked good category and won ribbons in most, many crafts, plants, photos, etc. I have not made any entries since I have become an adult, but my sister has, using the same family recipes, in the Natrona County Fair in Casper, Wyoming. It all started with a cornmeal muffin contest in 4-H!

I really enjoyed the day this year. We began at 10 with free admission and free rides for the first hour. Pixie-Girl rode with cousins and sisters. Next she rode with Big-Bro. We took in the exhibits...the Barnyard Nursery is always a big hit...especially the sweet bunnies. We also went to the Wildlife exhibit. Turtles, frogs, snakes, fish, you name it.......

Then, of course, there was more waiting in line for more rides!!!

And more rides...

A photo op!

A pony ride...YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, of course, more rides.

Can't wait till next year! I'm going to start working on crafts now!!!

Love Y'all!!!!


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  1. I spotted your comment over on The Blind Pig & The Acorn about the Chinquapin Grove community. I had to come check out your blog to see if it was the community I grew up in ... Bluff City area and it sure looks like it is as you posted about the Appalachian Fair. (love that fair just haven't been in years since we moved away 14 years ago).

    Anyway.. just wanted to say hello and say what a small world.

    Have a great Sunday!