Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Letter to My Mother

On this sunny Mother's Day, 2011, I would like to take the time to tell my mother what I remember about her.

I remember a summer evening, when I was with the bigger kids sliding down a hill on cardboard boxes. I scraped my knee. Mama came running and CARRIED me all the way back to the apartment (Blue Ridge Farms, I think). I clearly remember one crimson drop of blood balancing on knee as she hurried to the door with me in her arms.

I remember a sunny day at the same apartment, and she was sitting outside in her swimsuit (she must have been sunbathing) and we shared a tomato.

I remember her taking care of me one summer at Rainbow Forest when I was sick all summer...I had my tonsils removed that fall...I remember crying at the hospital once when I woke up and she wasn't sitting by my side, she was probably on the other side of the bed, I can't remember.

I remember going to the lake with her and my cousins and my aunt. I remember how much fun we had with them.

I remember her sewing me dresses for Easter.

I remember the rainbow in the back yard at Rainbow Forest that went across the entire sky.

I remember taking walks around the neighborhood with friends.

I remember her taking care of me when I had chicken pox and strep, helping me through swallowing pills (which I couldn't do).

I remember when she got sick and fell down in the floor in the hallway outside my room. I was sooo scared. We spent the entire day in the hospital lobby and cafeteria while daddy was waiting for her to get out of surgery. I was so happy when she came home.

I remember long hours learning to embroider and sew and cook from her.

I have missed her so over the last 20 years. Holidays haven't been the same and its been hard, but it has REALLY made me appreciate her all the more.

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  1. What a lovely post. You know it really is the little things that are important. Each memory you shared made me think of a similar one from my childhood. I'm so sorry your Mother's Day is now bittersweet-but I'm so so glad you have the precious memories.