Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking in the Rain

Took each doggie walking seperately yesterday. Each has its own distinct personality. Today I will focus on Oscar...Oscar Meyer Weenie, that is. Oscar was purchased as a gift for my sweet baby sister after her own best friend of 15 years, Sera, went to doggie heaven. Her landlord, however, wasn't as appreciative of the idea. So, after numerous let downs, Oscar wormed his way into Pixie-Girl's heart, and here he is. Mr. Weenie is a year old now. He has the most laid back disposition. Plays with Pixie all the time. Just moments ago, he was playing "Kung-Fu Panda" with Pixie-Girl and Daddy-O. The other day, he was under my quilt, sound asleep, on his back! He is such a funny little man! If you don't pay attention to him when he wants you to, he barks at you. He jumps in the bathtub with Pixie-Girl, bubbles and all!
Among all the gray rainyness, we found some little patches of sunshine!
And These!
And This!
THIS is my favorite time of year. When everything pushes through the long bleak winter and out pops the sun on the other side. New green grass, daylilies pushing up everywhere, the neighbor's lilac is a green mist right now.

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