Monday, November 1, 2010

The Last Rose

The last one? Frost on the last rose of the season. Winter is coming, I can feel it.
I have not been here(or anywhere else for that matter), and for that I apologize. What has happened since I was here last? Hmmm. Halloween has come and gone...a success I must admit, even though I was whining about it in my previous post...

I found these lovely ladies out in the country on the Saturday before Halloween. Grandmother, Aunt and Daughter in memory of the MOther, who succomed to breast cancer during the previous year. They were very gracious to alow me to photograph them and the cauldron was cooking apple butter!

Pixie Girl finally decided to dress as Dorothy, which made me extremely happy because the costume was already here and I only had to purchase ruby slippers and hair ribbons! We went to Trunk or Treat and Big-Brother graced us with his pirateous presence! I usually dress up, but this year went with the Halloween T Shirt and jeans because of my previous funk.

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