Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost Halloween

What the heck is wrong with me??? I have lost my Halloween. My daughter has no costume, she can't decide, and mommy has no suggestions. I haven't finished decorating and its laying everywhere. I don't know what to do on Saturday or Sunday, except deliver the damn paper, which will take all damn day(and we aren't even supposed to be doing this anymore).
Last year I had the house decorated, sewed Rebekah's costume and even took her to a costume contest(we used the previous year's costume because her's wasn't quite ready), but it was cute(see below).
Pixie Girl Halloween 2009
The Family...(ltoR) Me, First Daughter, All Boy Grandson, Baby Grandson, Son-in-Law, Sweet Grandaughter, Pixie Girl...ready to brave the rain and Trick or Treat!

Pixie Girl Dorothy at Trunk or Treat with a grown up Dorothy

Pixie Girl Halloween 2008

I need a shot of Halloween....

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