Thursday, December 16, 2010

Icy Morn

Awoke this morning to find ice everywhere. Following the arctic temps we have been experiencing here in the mountains, I am going stir crazy! Pixie Girl has been out of school all week. To her credit, she has been an angel. Its me who is bored. Bored with cleaning, bored with decorating, blah, blah, blah. I need something to focus on...hmmm. Anyway, some icy photos for your enjoyment:

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Last Rose

The last one? Frost on the last rose of the season. Winter is coming, I can feel it.
I have not been here(or anywhere else for that matter), and for that I apologize. What has happened since I was here last? Hmmm. Halloween has come and gone...a success I must admit, even though I was whining about it in my previous post...

I found these lovely ladies out in the country on the Saturday before Halloween. Grandmother, Aunt and Daughter in memory of the MOther, who succomed to breast cancer during the previous year. They were very gracious to alow me to photograph them and the cauldron was cooking apple butter!

Pixie Girl finally decided to dress as Dorothy, which made me extremely happy because the costume was already here and I only had to purchase ruby slippers and hair ribbons! We went to Trunk or Treat and Big-Brother graced us with his pirateous presence! I usually dress up, but this year went with the Halloween T Shirt and jeans because of my previous funk.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost Halloween

What the heck is wrong with me??? I have lost my Halloween. My daughter has no costume, she can't decide, and mommy has no suggestions. I haven't finished decorating and its laying everywhere. I don't know what to do on Saturday or Sunday, except deliver the damn paper, which will take all damn day(and we aren't even supposed to be doing this anymore).
Last year I had the house decorated, sewed Rebekah's costume and even took her to a costume contest(we used the previous year's costume because her's wasn't quite ready), but it was cute(see below).
Pixie Girl Halloween 2009
The Family...(ltoR) Me, First Daughter, All Boy Grandson, Baby Grandson, Son-in-Law, Sweet Grandaughter, Pixie Girl...ready to brave the rain and Trick or Treat!

Pixie Girl Dorothy at Trunk or Treat with a grown up Dorothy

Pixie Girl Halloween 2008

I need a shot of Halloween....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bread and stuff

I took this one morning after the doggie walk...though the photo does NOT do the beauty of the sight justice.

My first successful foray into the bread world...

of course I cheated by using a mix...and a bread machine...but...

it was still yummy with honey butter slathered all over it!

Yesterday we had the Daisy Girl Scout Halloween Party for our little fledgling troop!

All of the girls seemed to have great fun and the Trunk or Treat was a success! We were concerned that there would not be enough participants. The next meeting we will begin in earnest to teach them using the Daisy book so that the goals and objectives in place for them can be achieved. Hopefully we can start them on their Girl Scout journey with a firm foundation!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I thought this was a weekend, but I did more in the last two days than on any other two days last week...delivered the Gazette, atended a Fall Festival at a school where my child does NOT attend, went out to the local cattle call restaurant(NEVER again on Saturday), went to a movie, went to church, went to the grocery, recycled the Gazette, went to a birthday party...and NOW I have a headache and can't sleep...........................

Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Memory Will Live Forever

A Letter to a Scout Leader:

You were the one who taught my sons about responsibility. You were the one who taught my sons to pitch a tent, start a campfire, open a pocket-knife, make cherry yum-yum in a dutch oven, let the chairs get blown into the campfire, paddle a canoe without drowning. You were the one who drove my sons home from Boy Scouts when I had to work and there was no one else. You were the one who presented my son with his Eagle Scout Award. You were the one who had faith in my son when no other men in his life did. You were the one who taught my sons to laugh, cry, stand tall and remember who helped them get where they are today.

Rick Gilbert, Ensign Daniel Denton, Ray Denton

You were the one who stood with my sons when their great-grandfather passed on. You drove all night to attend a graduation 9 hours away for a young man who wouldn't have made it there if not for your support. You were the one who showed an entire generation of boys what it meant to be a man of character, responsibility, resilience, and grace. You were the one who led 17 boys to their Eagle Rank. less than 10 years.

Young, college-aged men drove for hours to attend your funeral. Young men wrote poignant letters to be read at your funeral. Young men pulled out Scout uniforms and hunted up badges and neckerchiefs, to pay tribute to your memory. This is the legacy that you leave behind. So many wonderful boys and men to show the world what a man you were. You will be sorely missed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wireless the scheme of things, adding a computer to the wireless network is supposed to be simple. Unfortunately, every time I try, my router goes ballistic. Apparently its a one owner router...much like my one owner puppy, Oscar. By tomorrow I am sure that I shall have NO hair left to pull out!

Monday, September 6, 2010

September Day

Today we started out heading for Roan Mt. State Park. When we arrived, the gate was closed, so we headed into North Carolina and finally found ourselves at a beautiful park on the Toe River in Spruce Pine.
The park had picnic facilities, a wonderful, brand-new playground and a walking path with a bridge over the river.



and All-Boy Grandson
had a great time playing, eating, and generally being silly all day.
All-Boy Grandson has inherited his mother's propensity for car-sickness, so after a short stop to toss cookies, we headed back home again in the glorious September sunshine.
Pixie-Girl and I made a batch of strawberry scented play clay this evening to end a perfect day.