Monday, July 9, 2012

The C Word

How is it that my momma went from hiking to the top of the world at Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii to being unable to eat, having surgery to remove her gall bladder, having a tumor on her ovaries discovered(never mind the gall bladder) and being told "You have ovarian cancer" all in less than a month?

Why am I STUCK IN TENNESSEE, unable to travel to her in WYOMING to take care of her or even help her with the PEAS??? I am just barely holding it together as I write this and mosey through the day to day. I can't seem to move beyond being on the verge of tears and the smallest things are breaking that surface tension like touching a raindrop balanced on a leaf.

Surface Tension from

Later y'all, can't talk about it any more today...


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