Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Schedule

One of my goals from yesterday was to spend time following my schedule each day until it becomes second nature. I have a schedule, or "Daily Routine" that I am trying to follow. I do very well until about 2:00 pm, then its all over(grin). So I revamped it a little so I could keep my attention span more focused! Here it is as it stands today!

4:30 or 5:30-Get DH ready and off to work, depending on whether he has to go in at 6 or 7.
If he goes in at 6, I go back to sleep for a bit until 6:30.

6:30-7:45- Kids up and working on their Good Morning Lists, walk the dogs
  1. Make up your bed and pick up your room
  2. **D: Shower, get dressed(clean clothes), brush teeth, put on deodorant, clean your ears! ** R: Get dressed, hair fixed, brush teeth
  3. Good Morning Job: R-put away silverware/D-Feed and water dogs
  4. Personal Bible reading time
  5. Free time until the bus comes!

7:45-9:45- Mom's Morning Routine!

  1. Make beds
  2. Shower and get dressed
  3. Swish and swipe bathrooms
  4. Change out laundry
  5. Unload dishwasher
  6. Eat, drink water, meds
  7. Check to do list and calendar
  8. Hot spots
  9. What's for dinner?
9:45-10:45- Blog Work(winter)/Garden (spring-fall)

10:45-12:00-Zone for the week/Focus of the day

  • Zone 1-Entrance(inside & out), Porches and Dining Room
  • Zone 2-Kitchen
  • Zone 3-Main Bath + one extra room (laundry room, office, kid's room)
  • Zone 4-Master bedroom and bath
  • Zone 5-Living Room/Family Room/Den

  • Monday Focus: House Quick Over
  • Tuesday Focus: Planning/Office Day
  • Wednesday Focus: Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping preparation
  • Thursday Focus: Errand Day
  • Friday Focus: Clean car, purse and DATE NIGHT
  • Saturday Focus: Family Day
  • Sunday Focus:Soul Day
12-12:30- Lunch, drink water


2:00-3:45- Blog work(spring-fall)/ Garden(winter)

3:45-5- Mom's Afternoon routine-Kids homework and Afternoon List

Afternoon Routine
  • Check book bags
  • Fill sink with hot, soapy water
  • Start dinner
  • Set table
  • Declutter for 15 minutes
Afternoon List:

  • Walk Dogs
  • Take out trash
  • Get ready if its an auction night
  • Fold washcloths, dishtowels and dishrags
  • Get everything ready for tomorrow morning: backpack, pick out clothes, shoes, coat
5-6- Family Dinner/Bible Time

6-8- Daddy time/Family reading/Games/Free Time

8-8:30- R-Bath and to bed/D-reading time

8:30-10- Free Time

10-D to bed

10-bedtime-time with Hubby

Yes, it seems like a lot. Yes every single minute is scheduled, it keeps me focused on what is next. What do you think? What is your schedule or routine? Is it working?

See y'all tomorrow!

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