Friday, January 6, 2012

365 Project

I usually don't have the wherewithal to complete a project such as this. I am going to jump in, both feet first, to a photo project. At least one photo of everyday life on the Hillcrest, EVERY DAY! Today, I will be posting 5 because I am late starting, although I did post on New Year's Day! Today...THE HAT!

Silly Hat

Old Hat

New Hat

Happy New Year Hat

Sleepy Hat

Super husband says hats keep your head warm, if you're a farmer you wear a farming hat, if you're a policeman you wear a policeman's hat, if you're a cowboy, you wear a cowboy hat, if you're a football player, you wear a football hat, if you're a tinkerbell, you wear a tinkerbell hat.

Rebekah says hats are crazy, and they look funny, they cover your head from rain and mean stuff. Hats go with scarves, that cover people's heads in Mexico.

I think hats tell your story...uniform hats, medical hats, Peacock feather hats
You can find this one here

Put a hat on your head and give yourself a story!

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  1. I absolutely love the hats!Beautiful photos! Thanks for linking up!