Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Resolutions

My previous list is nearly accomplished...so...I am making a new bid to get even more organized... I have a plan(sort of) and I am ready to begin. SO here is my list!


  1. Make it a priority to spend more time with my hubby.

  2. Make an effort to keep up with my older children, they are grown and independent, but I still love to hear their voices.

  3. Eat lunch at school with Pixie Girl at least once a month.

  4. Find out about volunteering at her school.

  5. Stick to date night and family day on Friday and Saturday.

  6. Schedule time to spend with all the grands and nephews and nieces monthly.

  7. Figure out a foolproof way to remember ALL the birthdays and special days!

  8. Start Bible reading as a family daily.
HOME(More on these projects as they occur)

  1. Rebekah's Room-paint, decorate and new furniture

  2. Bathrooms-Paint and new floor

  3. Kitchen-Paint walls and cabinets and new floor

  4. Living room-Paint and new draperies, move entertainment center to prepare for holiday decorating

  5. Doing great as a FLYBABY, work on afternoon and evening routines and zone work

  6. Work harder at training the 3 musketeers (Cooper, Rico and Oscar)

  7. CONQUER THE DEN/OFFICE/MESS PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Begin Holiday planning

  1. Continue menu planning and shopping list

  2. Make cookie dough weekly or monthly and freeze for fresh, hot cookies every day

  3. Bake bread

  4. Try a new recipe for dinner twice a month

  5. Work on building up the stockpile...label all packages exp date w/ sharpie

  6. Make sure my family has an additional serving of fruit or vegetable per day.

  1. WORK ON CLUTTER! (Great job started in the living room!!!)

  2. Work on making my home a haven for my family. Calm, clean and clutter free

  3. Work on HMB, complete it and then work on "cuteing"(is that a word?) it

  4. Work on the coupon binder, get it organized and get to work saving money!!!

  1. Make pillowcase purses

  2. Make Pixie Girl's Quilt

  3. Make handmade Christmas presents for family and friends...thoughts: wreaths,

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