Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today was the day for peach freezer jam and refrigerator pickles. The peaches were so ripe and sweet, and the jam tastes JUST like fresh peaches. It may not set well, but I don't's yummy! I used the recipe on the Sure Jel box. I have had these little Ball containers for several years,and they are usually filled with strawberry jam by now but I missed the strawberries this year. If I catch some tasty ones at the store I may whip up a batch later. Tomorrow I am contemplating doing some peach salsa. I also saw a recipe for Peach-Sweet Cherry freezer jam...hmmmmm...sounds enticing(grin)! Could be a new favorite of mine!!!

I do not have a canner so my pickles are all refrigerator pickles and I found a recipe which allows for creativity...add onions, a jalapeno or two, green pepper, dill whatever you wish...I am anxious to taste these tomorrow!!! We made spears and slices and Pixie-Girl, my pickle girl is also anxious to try them!!!

Tomorrow I plan to hunt down some sweet corn to freeze as well as try freezing some of my cherry tomatoes. Also pulling up some gourd vines to make way for fall planting...

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  1. Oh yumm... I've always wanted to try canning myself and I L♥Ve pickles!