Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Time in the Sun

Today's walk was a totally different journey! Of course, as always, I had a doggie in tow, but today, I focus on Rico Suave! The little chihuahua who thinks he is a Doberman Pinscher! Rico is very sweet and loving, curls up on my lap to sleep while I read or watch TV. Gets really angry when Oscar steps on him, tolerates Pixie-Girl, and guards Annie for dear life!

I have always loved these sweet little flowers...Hoary Bitter Cress...the very first of spring in Tennessee. They are, however considered an invasive weed by some!

Some pansies, planted by Pixie Girl in our gargantuan cement planters on the front porch. We have filled 4, and plan to do 4 more!
Girl Scout Cookies are winding down, on to the Animal Shelter collection! Field trip to the animal shelter and the International Tea, we represent Switzerland!

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