Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have lately become inspired to be the homemaker that my mother exemplifies. A few goals to set me in that direction: 1. Take an exercise class...ANY class 2. Actually USE the Wii Fit! 3. Add one to the number of fruits and veggies we eat daily. 4. STOP drinking soda. 5. Wake up 30 minutes earlier, every day. 6. Lose 10 more pounds this month. 7. Have lunch with Pixie Girl at least twice a month and volunteer at her school twice a month. 8. Call Soldier Boy and Big Bro at least every other day. 9. Take Pixie Girl to the park once a week. 10. Take a walk as a family every night. 11. Begin redecorating...first up: Living Room. 12. Sew a dress for Pixie Girl. 13. Sew a dress for me. 14. Make hairbows to match. 15. Bake cookies once a week. 16. Learn to crochet or knit. 17. Make birthday gifts. 18. Send flowers to my sisters, mom, and grandmother, just because. 19. Have coffee with a girlfriend once a month. 20. Date night EVERY week. 21. Sunday Dinner EVERY week. CHECK!!!

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